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October 7th 2013

You can't walk 10 metres in Chelmsford's town centre without coming across yet another hairdressers, so if a new one opens up you know it's going to need to offer something special. Two local business women think they have created a salon that is just that. Hairitage.

Trudie Hawkins is a Chelmsford-based entrepreneur, with over 30 years owning successful companies. Always busy, when Trudie stops to visit a Salon, it must be worth her time. Over 15 years ago she discovered Amanda Lucia, a stylist who showed such talent, Trudie followed her career as she rose quickly through the ranks from Stylist to ambitious Salon Manager. She saw an opportunity.

Trudie and Amanda have combined their business talent and passion to create a different kind of salon. This is obvious from the moment you enter the doors of Hairitage, away from the immediate bustle of Chelmsford High Street, on Kings Head Walk. Described in fashion magazines as “opulent and stylish” Hairitage Salon stands out from the crowd for it’s strong customer ethic and lavish quality. In addition to Indian head massage and therapy armchairs, manicures, pedicures and other beauty treatments are available whilst your stylist is at work. Great news, as this ensures a truly head to toe pampering session, and complete relaxation, can be experienced in whatever time you can spare. Perfect for the busy woman of today!

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